How to Play Skipshot

Set up: 
Place the target on a level surface  
Place the launch pad on the ground in front of the target at a distance of 4 feet from the base of the target to the center + on the launch pad
Mark a throw line to identify the closest distance a player can stand to the target at a distance of 8 feet from the center + on the launch pad to the throw line  
To score a ball must be tossed from behind the throw line, skip off of the launch pad and pass through a scoring section on the target without touching the ground  
The player will receive the amount of points indicated on the target depending on the section the ball passes through
The player who reaches 2100 or more points in the least amount of turns is the winner for that round of play
How to Play:
To begin, each player will throw one ball and the player who scores the highest point amount will start the round  
That player will also pick the order for the rest of the players participating in the round
Each player will get the same amount of throws in a round. (Any player that goes after the person who scores 2100 or more points first will still have a turn to tie or beat the previous winning point total)
After each turn a player will stand near the target to confirm scores and collect the balls for the next player (The last player to take a turn will do this for the first player to begin the game)  
Round Play:
The first player will throw 3 balls and receive the point total made for that round
Next, all other players will follow in the order they were selected until each player has taken their turn  
This is repeated until the round is completed
The round is completed once a player has accrued 2100 or more points and all players have had an equal number of throws.
If the round results in a tie (2 or more players with the same point total of 2100 or more points), the players will alternate turns using the same play rules until one player scores the highest point total in one turn
The player with the highest point total is the winner of the round
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